Most Expensive Limousine in the World

if you have a wish to travel in limousine first read this article that will tell you more about your favorite sedan. This article has a list of ten most expensive Limousines in the world. These are costly and luxurious so to have these expensive limousines you must need a huge amount of dollars in your pocket. It is a luxurious car that mostly has separate areas for driver and passengers. Your driver sits at the front, but the car has partition among driver and passenger area.These are famous for their length. These look so much exotic in their ideal ling range. Only the professional and expert chauffeurs can drive these cars. These are mostly available in the white and black color that is traditional too regarding luxurious vehicles. Limousines are associated with wealth and power. It is common thinking that only wealthy people can own these cars. The government also own limousines to take out government officials at their formal meetings etc.  These are also modified at the request of purchaser and modification is done by a third party who then sends to limousine companies. In the United States, it has significant contribution to the economy as 43000 people are working in different Limousine businesses and it is amounted to 4 billion dollars every year. It is a fact that cost of a limousine is so high but limousine car interior is catchy.

Cadillac XTS Limousine

Cadillac XTS Limousine was introduced to the world market in 2012. It is Cadillac version of the vehicle. It is long enough to catch everyone’s attention. Its engine has a capacity of 3.6 liter V6 gasoline. It can be turbocharged up to 410 hp. It has four wheel drive capability and has front engine layout in its prominent features. This Cadillac XTS is mostly assembled in Ontario in Canada. Now it is also assembled in Shanghai China as labour is cheap here. Due to Cheap energy and other facilities Cadillac has shifted its Limousine assembling unit to China. Its price is $48,635.

Lincoln MKS Limousine

This one is another luxurious car that got a chance to be placed in our list of most expensive vehicles. It is a Limousine version of Ford Company. You must know that Ford is worldwide famous for its luxurious and unique cars. Ford always made quality and fast cars. This Lincoln MKS is their Limousine version that costs for 49,800 dollars. This has a 3.5-liter V6 DOCH engine. Its engine also got a capacity of 335hp at 5700rmp. It has both All Wheel and front wheel features. It is speedy and has a six speed with the 6F55 automatic transmission system. Chicago is the city where it is usually assembled.

Ssang Young Chairman W Limousine

It is the most prominent brand of Ssang Young Chairman Company. This Ssang Young W Limousine has many notable features like V8-cylinder petrol engine technology with a capacity of 5 liters. Its engine capacity is 4900cc with the highest power of 302hp at 5600rmp. Ssang Young is a South Korean company, and it is the first luxury car from Korea that has four wheel drive feature. It is also energy efficient and can travel 7.3 kilometres with 1-liter gasoline. It is also very speedy with seven-speed transmission system, and highest speed level is 250 km/hr. It can be purchased with 130,000 dollars.

Mitsubishi Dignity Limousine

It is a famous company that makes cars and other items like AC etc. This Mitsubishi Dignity is an old luxurious car that was first introduced and made from 1999 to 2001.  After 2001, its production was stopped due to some multiple reasons after that it was again introduced in 2012 with some enhanced features like 4.5 liter V8 engine and has a front driving force. It has an added feature that is INVEC II five-speed automatic transmission system that has boosted its speed to great extent. It is long with a length of 5.33 meters.


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